2019 Bright-Spirit Challenge

Happy Bright Sparkly New Year to you All.

Will you join me in the `2019 Bright-Spirit WORD Challenge`?


Every word we utter carries its own vibration.

Every word we write or communicate sends out a message which resonates throughout the universe.

Once said, words cannot be energetically retracted because they are out there….bouncing around changing the collective energy. But we can try to undo the impact of regrettable words we have spoken by sending out fresh new positive words. Those original words will always be out there. But they can be modified if the sentiment behind the words that follow is in truth.

Certain words instantly conjure up specific feelings. The word LOVE leaves us feeling a particular way, the word HATE usually causes a negative response within us. Take a moment to whisper the word PEACE, say it a few times and maybe you may notice how your body responds, perhaps you feel CALM. Pick a few words that have uplifting meanings. Notice how repetition of those words creates a different sense of well-being. As a numerologist I often analyse individual words to see how their vibration breaks down numerologically. The results are often fascinating.

Each letter has a number associated with it. Each number has an energetic make up which carries a symbolic lesson or life experience. For example: B = 2, two is the number of relationships, partnerships, how we relate on a one to one basis. It is the number of intuition, motherhood, feminine energy. C = 3; three is associated with communication, joy, children, child energy, fertility, creativity, so you get the picture.
The word LOVE starts with the letter L which becomes the number 3 – the number of joy, it is fertile with possibility and creative opportunity, the second number O = 6 this number is pregnant with earthly practical love, the number of commitment and caring. The letter V = 4 the number of building foundations, stability and security, and the final letter E is a 5 which represents the five senses, sensuality, feelings, but also freedom within a loving framework. When you add all the numbers together you achieve 18, which when reduced the numerology way, creates the number 9. 9 carries the vibration of all numbers and is pregnant with LOVE from above, LOVE from the heavens, spiritual LOVE, unconditional LOVE. Therefore, I believe the word LOVE carries all life lessons and ultimate potential.

As the New Year of 2019 dawned I started to ponder…. I drifted off into my imagination and began to meditate on what 2018 brought with it, what it had brought me. I contemplated what lessons we have learned or ignored globally and personally.
2018 had closed with me giving thanks for my personal learning and casting unwanted habits, patterns and experiences into a blazing fire in the garden. I scribbled onto some slips of paper all the unwanted emotions, regrets, conflicts and consequences of 2018 and past actions into the flames to be sent up into the atmosphere to become light again. I purged myself of unhelpful thoughts and behaviours by asking them to leave, thanking everyone involved for the learning and asking the Angels to wipe the karmic slate clean if, of course I had learned what I need to learn. It was extremely cathartic.

Here I am, Day One of 2019, ready to do something useful with my newly cleansed energy field.
I am really surprised at the difference in how I feel today.
The future is at my feet. The future is at all of our feet.

With this in mind I set a challenge to myself and to you.
What if enough of us mindfully sent the same words out into the atmosphere? What if we set the intention that those words touch everyone on the planet? What if we set the intention that those words…or the feeling and sentiment of those words infused the entire fabric of the world and humanity? Changing it accordingly.
What if we did an experiment – as this bright new year travels along on its journey – let us notice and take stock of the positive changes happening around the planet each month. And check to see if they coincide with the type of focus, the chosen word of the group intention for positive change.

There are many ways to carry this out. If you are a Meditator – a Pray-er, or an affirmation type of person, then slip your word of the month into your daily ritual. The more you repeat and intend for it to be breathed in by the planet and its inhabitants the better.

If this is not your bag – you can still participate in the challenge. You can weave the word of the month into your emails, your conversations, your correspondence, your lectures, your management meetings. Make it fun – see if you can do it in a way that is seamless and undetectable. The energy of that word will still be present and working its positive magic. The word for January is LOVE. You could write an email to your boss or colleagues and if it is impossible to write the word LOVE in its standard form, then set the intention that you find a way. You could try something like ending a word with L and the following word starting with OVE: For example. A sentence including….When this goes ViraL OVEr to you. Play with it. Have fun. It is a challenge to make a difference. We contributed to the pickle the world is in, lets contribute to bring it back to a state of positivity. We can then revel in the self-fulfilling knowledge that we all contributed to reversing the fortunes of humanity and our Planet.

Are you up to the challenge? Let me know your feedback on how you get on.

Until next month….when the focus changes to another positive word, breathe LOVE into all that you do.

Sending you LOVE and New Year Blessings



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