2020 Vision

We humans have become in need of constant stimulation. Be it computer games, social media, music, TV, caffeine, alcohol, tobacco or stronger stuff. Consequently, we have also reached a point of saturation. Our senses are so overstimulated there is an epidemic of anxiety, stress, panic attacks, insomnia, the list goes on!

It is a vicious circle. The more anxious, stressed and unhappy we become the more we indulge in stimulants to numb the overwhelm. There appears to be no normal level of balance within the world. It would seem we are all out of whack, misaligned, off kilter – unable to find a reference point from which to restore harmony, mind, body and spirit. Even our planet is out of sorts. Global warming and pollution, it all seems to reflect the disquiet and disharmony of humanity.

Is this crisis point?

But, here is a thought. Next year is 2020. Numerologically a global 4 year. The number 4 reflects going back to basics. Back to the foundations and rebuilding a stable, solid structure for the human race and our planet.

How interesting that the term 20/20 refers to perfect vision, clarity, seeing things clearly. If we dissect the numerological energy of the year 2020 we find the following: The number 2 relates to partnerships, passive, feminine energy. It is harmonius, intuitive and relates to sharing experiences, working peacefully together, side by side. The zero encompasses all the numbers 1 – 9 and the learning associated with each number, all learning. So, it would appear that in 2020 we are being guided towards reconnecting with our fellow humans, reconnecting with the planet and most importantly reconnecting with ourselves. The zero is also believed to represent “All that is”, the source, or if you believe, God, Light, Purity and the Angelic realms. Therefore, during 2020 we will all be walking with the energy of the divine right beside us.

What can we do to bring ourselves back into balance?

Well, if you believe we incarnate onto the Earth plane to learn every lesson associated with becoming a good, tolerant, free, happy empathic person – then the one road to this seems to be developing unconditional love for all things, including ourselves.

How can we achieve this?

By beginning with ourselves. Healing our hurts and bringing ourselves into a state of harmony. Once we have achieved this then the rest will be a natural progression – a domino effect. When we all radiate out, unconditional love; Global harmony and balance will be restored. Just as currently the world population seems to be in such a state of confusion, chaos and turmoil that it is cascading outward affecting everything and everyone we interact with.

What can we do to heal our inner turmoil?

First ask yourself this question – Are you afraid to be alone with your thoughts?

Be honest? How long can you tolerate silence? When you have no sensory stimuli do you feel lonely or fearful?

If this applies to you – then perhaps the way back to harmony is through pushing beyond the fear barrier.

Trust your higher self to keep you safe. Push through the silence – and dwell within that silence. Your mind chatter will try to pull you back to avoidance. So, let the thoughts drift in, imagine each thought as a little fluffy cloud – then see those clouds drifting away until they become a pinprick in the distance. As the next mind chatter cloud floats in allow it to drift past and disappear into the distance.

Many of us have no idea of what we are fearful. But the overwhelming anxiety which rises when we are alone and quiet causes a knee jerk reaction to reach for something to blank out the sensation. Music, video games, alcohol, caffeine – anything. But here is the thing! If you had a debilitating fear of heights and under controlled conditions you were taken to the top of a sky-scraper, harnessed up, with a safety team watching over you and you were told to push though the panic, lean outwards and look down to the pavement. How would you feel?

Most likely, you would have a surge of fight or flight adrenaline rushing to try to stop the process. However, if you kept looking at the safety team, and noticing how at ease they were – if you kept repeating the words “I am safe”, “I trust the process”, “I am safe” over and over, eventually the fight or flight response would subside to be replaced with a sense of elation due to your huge achievement.

Apply that same principal to being in silent, unstimulated, aloneness. Your Higher Self is your safety harness – your safety team. Your Higher Self wants you to be the best you can be.

Start with 3 minutes silent time. It will feel like an eternity – you will probably feel some level of fear or irritation rise up in your solar plexus. Stay with it. Just breathe deeply and rhythmically and say – “I am safe, I trust the process, I am safe”.

Each time you carry this out, up the time by another minute. After a while you will become exhausted by being in fear and an acceptance will engulf you like a warm, soft blanket. You will realise you are no longer frightened. The adrenaline rush has peaked, overflowed and now your `Fear Cup` is empty, giving you the opportunity to listen to the wisdom of your Higher Self. To allow the healing energy of unconditional love to flood into your receptive mind, body and soul.

Try it!

Connect to the 2020 energy which is about to slip into our lives. Embrace it and find the peace and harmony you deserve in your life.

Love and Blessings


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