My name is Sashi and here is a little of my professional story.sashi

I have been a practising Natural Healer and Intuitive since the early 1990`s.

Sashi studied with the National Federation of Spiritual Healers, and then over a period of several years studied and practised Mikao Usui Reiki with Carrlyn
Clay of the International Reiki Institute, becoming an Independent Usui Reiki Master in 2002. Very quickly I realised that regardless of what `label` was put on to a healing method, the principal was the same and soon reverted to my own method of Intuitive Natural Energy Healing.

In 2000 I opened a Holistic Centre and created a peaceful and safe environment for healing. This was a catalyst for bringing together like minded people and I was soon running development groups in Meditation and Visualisation, Spiritual and Intuitive Development, and Healing for personal growth. I developed a passion for Face Reading and Soul Numerology.

The reputation of the Holistic Centre grew, and to my surprise and delight, people would often travel countrywide to visit.

During one to one healing sessions, I noticed that clients often had spontaneous recollections of what appeared to be former lifetimes. In many cases the memories seemed to explain current issues or problems. Needing to understand the subject more, the natural progression was for me was to train in Past Life Regression Therapy and Hypnotherapy. So, at the end of 2003, I took the hard decision to sell the Centre. This released me to pursue a period of further intensive development.

I trained in Hypnotherapy & Past Life Regression in the UK and Spain with The European College of Hypnotherapy under renowned psychologist Dr Keith Hearne. Then, to complete my `tool kit` – training in NLP with Paul McKenna, and Supercoach Michael Neill.

I am excited to say that I now focus entirely on Face & Soul Readings and Soul Numerology. Although some Numerologists and Face Readers prefer to work in a structured, by the book way, I use the tools I have gathered on my own spiritual journey to add another dimension. Using my intuitive abilities, I weave layers of positivity and light into these readings to create an uplifting end result.