Wishing on a Star with Bright Spirit.

At 11.11pm on 11th August 2016 – The Perseid meteor shower reaches its peak tonight. This is the perfect opportunity to find a non light polluted spot, lay out on a sun lounger and observe the beauty and power of … Read More

Theresa May New Prime Minister

Bright-Spirit has been launched at a fantastic time in our history. Today Wednesday 13th July 2016 our 2nd female Prime Minister steps into a challenging but very exciting role. The Universal day number is `2`. As a Numerologist, I have … Read More

Bright Spirit

Hi, I am Sashi and I am proud to announce the launch of my new website – Bright Spirit. It has been beautifully created by the wonderful Tom at Wizard Websites, with creative input from the equally wonderful Debs. Thank … Read More

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