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blog21Hi, I am Sashi and I am proud to announce the launch of my new website – Bright Spirit. It has been beautifully created by the wonderful Tom at Wizard Websites, with creative input from the equally wonderful Debs. Thank you both for transforming my ideas into reality…You are absolute stars!

Bright Spirit is the launch pad for my accumulated Holistic Toolbox, and I am really excited about creating a positive space to share and inspire others on their Spiritual path.

From a numerology perspective, there could not be a better day to launch.

The first day of the month, is perfect for new beginnings and starting new projects.

July, a`7` month is also perfect. The number `7` is associated with all things spiritual and intuitive, meditation and peaceful retreat.

And as 2016 is a leap year and 1st July is exactly half way through the year, I am leaping forward with excited anticipation. As if for confirmation, as I write this, the sun has burst out from behind a cloud. Summer is officially here and so is my new light and joyful website `Bright Spirit.`

Sashi x


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  • Fabulous website, well done Sashi, Tom and Debs. Congratulations. I look forward to reading more blogs from you with your amazing insight and intuition. Xxx

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