The Excitement is Rising!

Hello Sparkly Bright Spirits On the edge of December – and the excitement is rising! I am feeling a sense of great optimism. It has been a stop-start year for us all. Hard to get a grip on anything. But … Read More

Face & Soul Reader Sashi Radley

Sashi Radley is a Natural Intuitive Healer and Author. Inspirations Positive Living are delighted to be speaking with Sashi, on Tuesday September 29th 2020 at 7pm UK Time. Tickets £5.50 at Currently practising primarily as a Face & Soul … Read More

2020 Vision

We humans have become in need of constant stimulation. Be it computer games, social media, music, TV, caffeine, alcohol, tobacco or stronger stuff. Consequently, we have also reached a point of saturation. Our senses are so overstimulated there is an … Read More

2019 Bright-Spirit Challenge

Happy Bright Sparkly New Year to you All. Will you join me in the `2019 Bright-Spirit WORD Challenge`?   Every word we utter carries its own vibration. Every word we write or communicate sends out a message which resonates throughout … Read More

The Sun is Shining – Are You?

Imagine a world where every person you met looked, behaved and thought exactly the same as you! What could you learn from each other? Would there be any surprises? Would it simply be like looking at a constant reflection in … Read More

Manifest your Dreams

  Happy National Unicorn Day I often wonder where the myth of Unicorns came from. As someone who spends a great deal of time daydreaming – imagining sparkly exciting worlds where anything can happen – today I focused on Unicorns. … Read More

Through the Eyes of A Child

The belief that we are still in touch with our extra-senses until we reach the age of about 7 years old is well documented. That in early childhood we have a higher sense of perception, feeling and knowing outside of … Read More

`111` Seize the Day !!!

Hi all you lovely `Bright Spirits` out there! We have mentioned before those recurring numbers that flit in and out of our vision throughout the day. Well today with that in mind, I had a look at some interesting upcoming … Read More

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