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Happy National Unicorn Day

I often wonder where the myth of Unicorns came from. As someone who spends a great deal of time daydreaming – imagining sparkly exciting worlds where anything can happen – today I focused on Unicorns.

Throughout civilisation, in Ancient China, India and Mesopotamia, Unicorns were believed to have really existed. I like that idea!

In Ancient Greece, Ctesias a historian who lived around 400 bc – told tales of a blue-eyed animal – the size of a horse – with a purple head, and a red, black and white spiralled horn on its forehead.

If colouring books had been invented back then – the ancients would have had a field day.

The magical, wise unicorn was first mentioned in tales as far back 4500 years in Asian mythology.

Later, in medieval times the legend was still going strong. Unicorns were considered a symbol of purity, swift-footed and unable to be caught unless of course; you were a virgin. It`s horn, was considered to have incredible healing powers. The ability to reverse the effects of poisoning was also attributed to unicorn horn. It was depicted in artwork and tapestries, no surprise that the myth has been perpetuated across generations and continents.

So, take a quiet moment out. Allow yourself to daydream of Unicorns on National Unicorn Day and beyond.

Symbolically the unicorn represents infinite possibility – innocence – hope – insight – passive power and success on your journey forward.

So, whatever you wish to manifest in your life; be it love, career success, abundance, good health, joy, peace or happiness call upon the powerful energy of the Unicorn. Absorb the vibration of hopes, dreams and the beliefs of our ancestors who over time have given life-breath to the magical mystical Unicorn over the last 4500 years.

Dare to dream and make it so!

Happy National Unicorn Day.


Sashi 2018


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