Face & Soul Reader Sashi Radley

Sashi Radley is a Natural Intuitive Healer and Author.
Inspirations Positive Living are delighted to be speaking with Sashi, on Tuesday September 29th 2020 at 7pm UK Time.

Tickets £5.50 at https://jackie-white.co.uk/product/face-soul-reader-sashi-radley/

Currently practising primarily as a Face & Soul Reader, Soul Numerologist and Spiritual Development Mentor. She trained in Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression at the European College of Hypnotherapy, also qualifying in NLP with Paul McKenna and Michael Neil renowned Supercoach.

Sashi is descended from a long line of Welsh Bards and Druids. She was born in Hampshire and currently lives in beautiful East Dorset with her musician/composer husband Rick, and her faithful foot-warmer, Ellie the Labrador. Sashi believes we are all face-readers, we all have a natural psychic ability and we all have the ability to utilise our senses to help us make the correct choices and enrich our lives.


She trained in face-reading 20 years ago and in subsequent years her own methodology has unfolded. She discovered that during a face-reading session the client`s face would often appear to transfigure, the features morphing, altering sometimes becoming multiple faces, one after another. Sashi decided to explore the phenomena further. Hence, her face readings became less structured and traditional, more spiritual. Glimpses of the soul purpose, past lives and other facets of the individual would make themselves known.

Sashi will be joining with Jackie White of Positive Living Group for a thought- provoking conversation on Face and Soul Reading.


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