Happy Number Watching – with Bright Spirit

Ever noticed those recurring number patterns around you?
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As a Numerologist I believe that we are being fed symbolic messages through the numbers we see on a daily basis. Being realistic, it would seem pretty flimsy if we were to watch these numbers constantly. People would think we had lost the plot!

Constant number watching would probably be construed as losing the precious present, losing the opportunity to live life in the here and now.

However, from time to time, you may find that certain numbers keep cropping up. Perhaps you glance at the clock and notice it is 3.33pm, and then later your shopping bill is coincidentally £33.33.
Well, when this keeps happening, its worth taking a step back and having a quick look at what the symbolism of those numbers may relate to. Could the Universe, your Higher Self or even your guides and Angels, be trying to alert you to something which needs addressing?

The number 3 is considered to be the number of child energy, communication and joy. If this number keeps cropping up then take a few moments out to meditate or contemplate whether the joy seems to be missing from your life right now.

Do you seem to be having communication problems with another? Maybe you are being guided to bring some joy and laughter into a situation.

Alternatively, if you are looking at changing your job, could it be that you are being shown the direction that would work best for you? Working with children, creativity, writing, speaking, the arts, music…all fall under the number 3.

When numbers are seen in pairs such as 11, 22, 33, in numerology they are considered to be Master Numbers. The significance of the single number becomes magnified, and the associated spiritual lessons `up their game` becoming more intense, more challenging, and ultimately when understood and worked through, more rewarding.

If you find yourself drawn to the significance of the numbers which crop up around you, why not book yourself a Soul Numerology reading. Your date of birth gives 50% of your life lessons. The name on your birth certificate gives the other 50%. Modifications to your life lessons come from name changes, and even house numbers, telephone and car registrations numbers. It sounds bizarre, but strangely, it really seems to correlate with your life experiences.

So if you are curious and want to check out what your unique blueprint is telling you, then why not book a Soul Numerology Reading with me.

I am looking forward to decoding your numbers for you.
In the meantime, `Happy Number Watching`. Look out for those recurring numbers!

With Love & Blessings


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