Keeping Your Vibration Light with Bright Spirit

Watching the news and seeing all the sad things which are taking place across the world, it is easy to be pulled down by events which seem to be totally out of our control. So to regain my equilibrium I have found a formula which seems to work for me.

My solution is to turn off the television, put down the newspaper or turn away from my ipad. Slip away to my quiet space at the bottom of my garden. Underneath the beautiful silver birch tree which sways and flexes with the breeze I seem to be able to find an inner peace. Often just by closing my eyes and breathing deeply, within a few moments a sense of calm and balance shifts me away to a lighter space.

I am fortunate enough to have a physical place in my garden for my escape. But, I learned as a small child, that it was actually possible to escape using my own creative skills if I found a situation stressful. I would just close my eyes for a few seconds, and imagine I was standing at an easel with my paints in front of me. I would then paint a picture of the seaside and see myself stepping into the picture and playing in the sand. I would paint the sunshine blazing down, children paddling, an ice cream van…to me a happy and cheerful scene. I found this worked to make me feel less anxious or unhappy. Afterwards I really felt as though I had just come back from the seaside!

Without realising it this was my first encounter with Creative Visualisation.

Today 16th January 2017 is Blue Monday, the media have used their creativity and effectively painted us a miserable picture. The day when post Christmas and new year blues kick in. The majority of us here in the privileged western world, are all shopped out, overfed, and wanting for nothing. While a large percentage of the rest of the world population is really suffering, through war, hunger, poverty or displacement from their homes, for them every day is Blue Monday. So let`s count our blessings, here is the perfect opportunity to try a simple version of Creative Visualisation and paint our own picture.

What if `Blue Monday` was reconfigured in our minds eye?
What if the `Blue` represented an inviting deep bluey turquoise ocean, and a cloudless summer sky? What if `Blue Monday` meant something positive and uplifting. The day when we took ourselves off to our inner seaside!

Find yourself a quiet place…..close your eyes

And ….Imagine……………..

Your are small again…and bubbling with excitement
Standing in front of your easel
Feel the Smile spread across your face,
Feel the flutter in your tummy,
An array of vibrant coloured paints in front of you
Candy floss pink, sunshine yellow, toffee apple gold, sky blue…
Grab a brush, smile, and take yourself to the seaside.

Focus on your breathing
Slow it down just a little…
Notice how the sound of your breath mimics the sound of the sea,
With the tide washing back and forth – back and forth onto the shore.

You are the most incredible artist, you can paint the most perfect image
Notice as you paint the sounds and aromas of the seaside engulfing you,
Feel the warmth of the sun…..and now………Step into your painting!

You remind yourself of what a beautiful world this is, when you keep your vibration light!

With Love and Blessings


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