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  • Introduction to Soul Numerology Workshop

    Introduction to Soul Numerology

    Would you like to learn how to do Soul Numerology readings for yourself & family and friends?
    There is a belief that your Soul chose your birthday and name because it carries the vibration of all the experiences you need in this lifetime to help you move forward and achieve your soul purpose.
    The numbers in your Numerology chart build up a detailed picture of who you are, what you are here for, and what your life challenges and gifts are.
    This Ancient Science has been used for over 2500 years and has its origins in Ancient Greece, Egypt, China, Rome and many of the other Ancient Civilisations.
    Please contact me for an appointment date before booking.

  • soul numerology reading

    Soul Numerology Reading

    Soul Numerology is based on the belief that each person is born into this life with their own unique blueprint. This exclusive blueprint determines the gifts, the challenges, lessons and potential of you, and your opportunity for growth and development.
    Please contact me for an appointment date before booking.