Introduction to Intuitive Face Readingg workshop
Introduction to Meditation and Intuitive Development

Would you like to explore and develop your Intuitive and Psychic abilities at the same time as learning how to meditate, relax and de-stress with a small group of like minded people? We are all born with a natural awareness and `sixth sense` that gradually diminishes as we became more affected by the hustle and bustle of modern living and the requirement to conform and stop daydreaming. Come along, Re-awaken your natural … Read More

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Introduction to Soul Numerology Workshop
Introduction to Soul Numerology

Would you like to learn how to do Soul Numerology readings for yourself & family and friends? There is a belief that your Soul chose your birthday and name because it carries the vibration of all the experiences you need in this lifetime to help you move forward and achieve your soul purpose. The numbers in your Numerology chart build up a detailed picture of who you are, what you are here … Read More

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