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Intuitive and Psychic Development Mentoring



Would you like to explore and develop your Intuitive and Psychic abilities?
We are all born with a natural awareness and `sixth sense` that gradually diminishes as we became more affected by the hustle and bustle of modern living and the requirement to conform and stop daydreaming.
Re-awaken your natural ability and Re-discover what you already know!

  • Are you a healer who would like to utilise your natural intuitive or psychic instincts within your healing work?
  • Do you feel you have mediumship skills but are not sure how to bring them out?
  • Do you have flashes of psychic insight but not sure when they are real or imagined?
  • Do you have dreams which often come true?
  • Or are you just wishing to see if you do have any latent abilities?

We can tailor the sessions to suit you, as we get an idea of your area of strength or weakness. At each session – I will give you `homework` for you to practice and hone your skills between Skypes.

I charge £50 per hour (per person) for Skype tuition. (Session to be a minimum of 1 hour duration)
(Your 5th and 10th sessions, should you need them, would be at a discounted £25 per 1 hour Skype session)
You can have as many or as few as you feel you need to give you the confidence to launch you completely on your way?


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