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Past Life Regression



Who do You Think You Were?

Have you ever met someone for the first time and felt like you have known them forever?

Have you ever been somewhere and felt a deep sense of déjà vu?

A Past Life Regression can be a fascinating experience and an exciting journey of discovery.

Some believe that apparent past life experiences are just the subconscious minds way of processing our issues in a way we can comprehend.

Whatever your belief Past Life Therapy has been shown many times to be an effective form of healing with powerful results.

Occasionally people on a spiritual path experience periods where they feel blocked – unable to move forward. This may indicate the residue of a past life which has made its way to the surface and is demanding attention.

Regardless of whether you are just curious or wish to use Past Life Regression to deal with a current lifetime problem, a past life session can give valuable insights into patterns and behaviours which may have their roots in the past.

A one-off regression may help give insight and clarity, leaving you free to move forward on your path.

A Past Life Regression makes an unusual gift And is available by appointment with Sashi.

Past Life Regression (approx 2 hrs) – £65

To book or for further information
email: hello@brightspirit.com or use my contact form.

Disclaimer: Past Life Regression should not be considered if you have a serious health imbalance, in which case you should always consult your Doctor or Health Professional.


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