Secret & Ritual: Book One of the Ancient Power Series

In the fragrant surroundings of an English cottage garden, two best friends, Polly and Magda share a time-slip experience when they are transported back to Ancient Brittana. Magda finds herself in a dark mystical woodland and to her disbelief she is looking out through the eyes of eleven-year-old Kell, the orphan son of a powerful chieftain and wise woman Allina. Kell’s older sister Petrona (Polly in present day) has been abducted by a band of tattooed savages when their village was burned to the ground.
Sole survivor Kell, begins the search for his sister. He too, is caught. Held at the village of the tribe named, the Blue Ones, the siblings plot an escape.
In the present, what starts as a straightforward time-slip experience for Polly, becomes an adventure in self-realisation for both her and Magda. One of them is initially left in denial, the other more convinced than ever that when the body breaks down, the soul continues its journey.
As the story unfolds, it dawns on the friends why they have always felt such a strong connection to one another. It seems the past experiences of Petrona and Kell have been influencing the current life destiny of Polly and Magda.