`111` Seize the Day !!!

three pillarsHi all you lovely `Bright Spirits` out there!

We have mentioned before those recurring numbers that flit in and out of our vision throughout the day. Well today with that in mind, I had a look at some interesting upcoming dates. From a Numerology perspective, we have a few really powerful opportunities arising.

Tomorrow 19th January 2017, when using the numerology method of reducing day, month and year numbers to three single digits is an empowering `111` day.

`1` is the number of leadership and masculine energy, it’s a number which represents stepping into your power and grasping opportunity. It relates to new beginnings, the seed of something fresh and new and undiscovered, and because there are three `1`s in a row, you also uncover the energy of `3`, communication, joy, child energy, creativity. The `3` energy germinates your seeds creating new life.
So a powerful day for manifesting your thoughts and dreams into reality. By keeping your thoughts light and positive you can motivate those half-hearted resolutions we make at New Year into becoming a positive, tangible reality.
So on this `111` day, harness its power and strength and know you can change your reality.

Imagine the first and last `1` as the pillars of the doorway, and the central `1` as the pathway through the middle.
Decide what you wish to create for yourself, which resolution you want to manifest, which seed you wish to sow, and exactly what you wish that seed to grow into.
It may be a healthy body and mind, new relationship, a fulfilling career, a peaceful existence…
You decide…
Then with eyes closed and your breathing slow and measured, take a few deep breaths…
See and feel yourself stepping between the `111` pillars, and know you are making this happen.

Notice how tall and majestic they are, feel their pulsing power, imagine your arms stretched out to each side of you with your palms placed flat against the cool smooth surface of each pillar.
See stretching ahead of you right into the distance the bright glowing central pathway of possibility and potential.

Notice the signpost at its entrance `Route 111`

Now breathe yourself through the doorway.
Keep your breathing determined and focused, calm and collected, and look far into the distance along the path.

See it as a timeline.
See illuminated markers along the way stretching into the distance, 6 month – 12 months – 2 years..
Choose the marker for the timespan by which you wish to achieve your goal.
Focus on your goal, see and feel it actually happening in beautiful vibrant colour.
Feel the elation at your achievement.
See your end result, be it job satisfaction, happiness, abundance… and imagine a neon sign post flashing with your name and the proposed date of your success, followed by the words `Goal Achieved`

Open your eyes, grab a pen and paper, and write exactly what you saw on your neon sign post. Place it somewhere prominent, where you will see it every day. Read the words daily as your mantra to success.

If you miss your 19th of January `111` window of opportunity, there are four more golden dates later in the year during October when you can harness a similar energy.
These are the 1st, 10th, 19th and 28th of the month. All these dates carry the energy of great potential and are perfect for stepping through the pillars of empowerment. You can also magnify the power of intent by starting your manifestation when the clock reads 1.11.

So, seize the day, and happy manifesting! I`m looking forward to hearing all your wonderful sparkly success stories. Let me know how it goes.

With Love & Blessings


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