Wow! And wow again! My Soul Numerology reading is really comprehensive, I’m so grateful, it’s really accurate.
The past life as a monk – I’d picked that up myself a few years ago. I saw myself illustrating manuscripts, having a safe and pious life in a monastery!!

P L M - Surrey,UK

Your reading has confirmed a lot of what I already know and shows I should believe in myself. Also you have given me hope for a successful career and relationships.

S R - Clapham, UK

Thanks again for the wonderful reading, it really has inspired me with confidence, that the timing is right for me to start up my therapy business and I haven’t missed the boat.

S H - London, UK

Thank you for such an enjoyable day. Such a warm and friendly environment. I would highly recommend your Intuitive Development Workshops.

BB - Essex, UK

I enjoyed your workshop very much. I loved the blend of crystals, dowsing and auras, and the crystal bowl healing meditation was stunning. Keep me updated for the next one.

KC - Hampshire, UK

Thank you Sashi. The happy atmosphere, like minded people and meditations were fabulous. I thoroughly enjoyed my day. When is the next one?

Caroline B - Poole, UK

I have to say I was slightly sceptical, but please let me know when you are running a follow on Soul Numerology Workshop. I have a thirst to learn more and am blown away by how accurate the information seems to be. I have already started doing readings for my family and friends.

Moira - Hampshire, UK

Thank you so much for eradicating my lip-picking habit. It all makes so much sense now after my Past Life session, I am really really grateful. Can`t recommend you enough.

Lucy H - Winchester, UK