The Excitement is Rising!

Hello Sparkly Bright Spirits

On the edge of December – and the excitement is rising! I am feeling a sense of great optimism.
It has been a stop-start year for us all. Hard to get a grip on anything. But something is shifting! And I am excited with overwhelming anticipation. Squeal!
Partly because my debut novel, SECRET & RITUAL, book one of the Ancient Power Series, is launched today! Kindle eBook at 99P for a limited period.
The paperback is out too if you are struggling for Secret Santa or stocking filler pressie ideas. A stand alone, romantic, mystical time-slip adventure – a holiday escapism read for those who relish the idea of stepping back to Ancient Britain and avoiding the Christmas day washing up. Book two and three to be released in 2021.
My non-fiction book “Unleash Your Inner Psychic” with 26 fun exercises to help reboot your natural super-skills, is now out on Kindle – 99P for a limited time. I am told the paperback has gone down well for those difficult to buy for peeps.
I think Lockdown has changed our habits greatly. Those who would never have considered straying from the convenience of eBooks when they were commuting back and forth to work are now rediscovering the joy of the world of their forefathers (and foremothers!). Indulging in colourful bookmarks, page sniffing, revelling in the touch of glossy covers and rebelling by folding the corners into a neat crease on a `real` retro style paper-back book.

A friend of mine sent me a beautiful email today. He told me that during this coming month, a rare convergence of many powerful planetary cycles will take place. December will be chock full of eclipses, alignments and conjoinments, (I don`t know what it means either!) I am no Astrology expert but when Astrologers get excited then so do I. It backs up the feelings I have had bubbling up inside me. So, never mind the doom and gloom of previous the months – the energy around us reminds me of the words of that beautiful Sam Cooke song, “A Change is Gonna Come.” If you have never heard it, I highly recommend popping onto `YouTube` and having a listen. I get Goosebumps every time I listen to the lyrics. I am convinced that those words hold such strength that they are akin to chanting an affirmation. Combine the words with the emotion and passion that comes through in the tone of his voice I am positive it can cause an energetic shift in our physical, emotional and spiritual being. And I`m talking a goooood shift!

I have decided as its nearly Christmas to include a couple of links to the websites of people who have given me a boost this year, either through supporting my work or supporting my emotions – no mean feat. So, it is my turn to reciprocate.
When Lockdown eventually lifts, fellow writers, treat yourself to a hideaway break in the wilds of Wales. The perfect place to rebalance, write, paint, go walking or simply chillout!

A talented artist friend of mine is taking commissions. She is a specialist in Angel Healing Art, and Pet Portraits along with pretty much any challenge you throw at her.

I have discovered an amazing author whose work I really enjoy. She has also helped me on my own writing journey. The brilliant writer J E Rowney writes with great empathy, humour and understanding. Take a look at her offerings here:

If you need some writing inspiration head to, writing tutor and author Della Galton`s website.

Finally, if you are in need of some reassurance about Mother Earth, then follow the aspirations and adventures of two awesome eco warriors, Debs and Tom, here:

I am all fired up and ready to get stuck into finishing SECRET & REBIRTH book two of the Ancient Power Series, ready for release in the first half of 2021.
But first, I am off to get all the twinkly lights out of the loft. I am going to inject the last month of 2020 with some joy, love and laughter. I will surround myself with sparkles, my husband, the family I am allowed to meet, Ellie the Labrador, and a few rather large glasses of fizz! And count every one of my blessings.

Thank you for reading. I am wishing you all a peaceful, productive, and safe December.

Have a magical holiday season and stay safe.
With love & blessings,



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