The Sun is Shining – Are You?

Imagine a world where every person you met looked, behaved and thought exactly the same as you!

What could you learn from each other? Would there be any surprises? Would it simply be like looking at a constant reflection in the mirror and talking to yourself? What would you find to write about that would appeal to others if you were all the same? It seems there would be no point.

Yet – how many of us wish to be just like the crowd? To blend in – to be accepted. How many of us went through school, college, work, wishing we were part of the clique. Wishing our hair were less frizzy, our boobs bigger, our legs longer, we were better at sport…you get the picture.

Here`s the interesting thing. The most creatively fulfilled people in life seem to have achieved their success through being different. Celebrating their unique thoughts, ideas, talents even looks.

As an author like many others, looking for that publishing deal, it is not uncommon to hear my fellow writer`s saying;
“I wish I could write like J K Rowling – Kate Mosse – Ian Rankin”; but the truth is, their success is based on being different. They have allowed themselves to express their uniqueness through their written creations. Maybe they were inspired by others – but have retained their individuality by not imitating their style or content. That`s what made their work fresh, exciting and uplifting.

Are you the brown beach hut attempting to blend in, begging to be painted yellow, just like the rest?
Or are you the green beach hut, happily doing your own thing – separate yes, but intriguingly different from the others?

Imagine, you could get your metaphorical paint brushes out. Paint yourself the colour you want to be. Adorn yourself with peacock feathers, dye your hair pink, tattoo your feet, add some jingly jewellery or alternatively; don a linen trouser suit, a fedora hat, a cravat and Dame Edna glasses. Whatever floats your boat! Whatever unleashes your inner author, musician, painter.

Think Lady Gaga, David Bowie, Madonna – they all ensured their longevity in our hearts and minds by being different. Their quirkiness will remain firmly included in the human hall of fame for a very long time.

Today, take a few moments to explore how you would or could recreate yourself. Make yourself stand out from the crowd.Then pick up your creative tools and let it flow!

Your work will explode with exciting beauty and expression when you allow yourself to be you!

Don`t be the brown one wishing he were yellow! Be the brown one proud to be brown – or the green one embracing your green-ness!
Go create – you lovely, quirky, unique, sparkly individuals!

I am off to write another chapter in my upcoming dual-time frame trilogy – The Ancient Power Series. I may still be in my pyjamas – but in my head I am working my inner `GaGa`!

With love & blessings
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