Theresa May New Prime Minister

Bright-Spirit has been launched at a fantastic time in our history.
Today Wednesday 13th July 2016 our 2nd female Prime Minister steps into a challenging but very exciting role. The Universal day number is `2`.

As a Numerologist, I have been wondering when the true energy of the 21st Century was going to start to have an effect. Wondering when the female, yin, more passive `2` energy which stands at the forefront of our `Year` date (2016) and has done since the turn of the Millennium would make its presence known.

The 20th Century with its `1` start number (1900`s) was very much about the male, yang energy. The 21st Century with its `2` start number hails a different approach to the issues that have bubbled chaotically to the surface and need to be addressed. The iron fist seems to have been proven not to work.

So today Theresa May begins her journey, on the 13th, she becomes the 13th Prime Minister within our Queen’s reign. In Numerology the number 13 is considered a Karmic number, sometimes associated with non completion and self-sabotage, but reduced it becomes `4` the number of security and stability. Maybe this is a positive sign, that what seemed to be a disastrous time for us as a community, brings with it the opportunity for a fresh approach. I am feeling inspired, and filled with fresh optimism.

The first letters of a persons name give an indication of how they approach life. So Theresa May has the `T` energy of `2` yin, intuitive, female leading her forward. She will most likely carry out her job in a calm, firm but measured way. In numerology the birth surname is the most significant, but when we change our name, the new name operates as a modifier. Her surname has the `M` energy of `4` leading it. So security and stability will be her drivers. `4` is about creating and building solid foundations, planning, preparation and structure…a logical and measured approach.

Maybe no coincidence that she is TM and the first female Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was MT.

With that in mind…I find myself sending out loving thoughts and visualising a global shift towards new beginnings for us all. Here’s to a balanced and unified world.

With Love


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