Through the Eyes of A Child

The belief that we are still in touch with our extra-senses until we reach the age of about 7 years old is well documented. That in early childhood we have a higher sense of perception, feeling and knowing outside of our current dimension.

When we are launched full throttle into the world of technology and distraction, that part of us which was designed to tune into the world around us becomes toned down.

I wonder how many parents out there have had children who talk openly about `when I was with my other Mummy/Daddy`. Was this passed off as pure childish imagination? Or did you wonder if there could be some truth in their innocent words?

What if we were to listen without judgement and allow these imaginings to reveal themselves in totality. Maybe we would start to question whether our child was actually, remembering a former incarnation.

There have been many famous well reported cases of children remembering other life-times in great detail.
Does the fact that the most well documented cases often come out of countries where it is part of their belief system that re-incarnation and multiple lifetimes exist make this easier or harder for us in the Western world to accept? It could be that it is simpler for a child to verbalise when their parents are completely open to the possibility.

As human beings, we each have a different level of sensitivity. What one person can see, feel, hear, another may just not notice. Does that mean that the person who experiences at a more acute level is delusional, and that the person who experiences less acutely is operating at the correct level?

How exciting it would be to step back into that world of pre-seven years old, to experience without judgement, without barriers the energy and vibration surrounding us every day, and perceive it with the openness and innocence of a child.

Wouldn’t it be fun, to take yourself somewhere quiet, away from the hubbub of modern living and allow yourself to just be!
Perhaps find a quiet spot by the river, in the garden, forest or woodland. Somewhere you can connect with the vibration of the planet. Practice slow rhythmic breathing until you can feel your self calming, relaxing.

Close your eyes and imagine for a moment you are that small child full of wonder and innocent joy. Allow yourself to listen to the sounds around you through the ears of a child. Allow yourself to breathe in the aromas of your surroundings. Absorb all the feelings associated with being small again. Allow your imagination to drift in whichever direction if pleases.

How does your body feel?   What sensations are travelling through your body?

What emotions are you experiencing?   Can you see any images?

We are all far more sensitive to our surroundings than we realise. Give it a go. Allow yourself the luxury of being a child again. Connect with that inner joy and notice how liberating it feels. You may even find that over time your level of sensitivity, intuition and perception heightens. What`s to lose?

Why not reconnect with the energy of who you really are, and let some fresh, bright, joy into your day.


Love &  Blessings,



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