Wishing on a Star with Bright Spirit.

Perseid_Meteor_Shower_over_the_Ocotillo_Patch;_8-12-15_(20713070995)At 11.11pm on 11th August 2016 – The Perseid meteor shower reaches its peak tonight. This is the perfect opportunity to find a non light polluted spot, lay out on a sun lounger and observe the beauty and power of nature and the Universe at its best.

This spectacle happens every year, but with all the unrest in the world right now, this may be the perfect opportunity for us to wish on a shooting star. Who knows if enough of us send out positive thoughts to manifest a peaceful world, something may just shift.

The best time to observe if the weather conditions are right here in the UK will be between 11pm and 4.30 am tonight the 11th August, through to early hours of 12 August.

I am told, that if you place your vision halfway between the horizon and directly upward, looking towards the north east you will see the constellation Perseus (after which this particle meteor shower is named). Using a telescope or binoculars will restrict your range of vision, so the naked eye is your best tool.

Numerologically, the Universal day of 11th August 2016, reduces to 10, representing the Wheel of Fortune, and the number of positive karma. A perfect window for change, should we choose to direct our thoughts and energy that way. Adding to powerful mix, the Spiritual Master number 11 of the day, is linked with Higher Spiritual truths, heightened intuition, and the leader energy of number 1 being doubled to create a passive number 2.

So here is a thought…
Let’s harness this opportunity.

Wherever we are in the world. Lets set the intention to link our positive thoughts at 11.11pm tonight 11th August 2016, a potentially highly auspicious time.

Wherever you are, look up together towards the skies, and direct positive wishes of, Hope, Love, light, Peace and Unity winging in all directions on the sparkling trails of the Perseid Meteor shower.

Use your loving energy to make a change, lets make it happen!

With Love and Blessings


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